Yoga Teacher Mentorship

This is a 6 month course designed to give yoga teachers and yoga teachers in training the support they need to expand their personal practice and confidently step into the classroom. This course will cover the nuts and bolts of creating intelligent and effective sequences and relevant and meaningful themes, while using clear and concise cues.

Each month, you will receive 3 asana class recordings (1 Basics style, 1 Form style, and 1 Flow style) meant to reinforce optimal alignment, effective sequencing, and expand your practice. Journaling prompts will be provided for use with each class in order to reinforce the month's focus. Once a month, a 90 minute Zoom call will be held with Beth and will include lecture and discussion on Teaching Methodology and the month's sequences plus time for Q&A. These live calls will be recorded if you are unable to attend live. You will have access to these videos and calls for 1 year.

The asana class recordings will be released 1 month prior to the next live call.

Topics and Dates:

  • August: Standing Poses and the General Template
    Live Class: August 20 @ 6-7:30PM
  • September: Handstand/Pincha Mayurasana and Analyzing Pose Relationships
    Live Class: September 17 @ 6-7:30PM
  • October: Belly Down Backbends and Peak Pose Sequencing
    Live Class: October 15 @ 6-7:30PM
  • November: Vasisthasana Variations and Modifications and Props for all Levels
    Live Class: November 19 @ 6-7:30PM
  • December: Headstand Transitions and Effective Cues
    Live Class: December 17 @ 6-7:30PM
  • January: Urdhva Danurasana and Theming
    Live Class: January 21 @ 6-7:30PM